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Hand poured soy candles made in Montrose BC

Thanks to these wonderful candles; my house no longer smells like a two kid, two cat, one dog home. It’s become a house of illusion! I’m no longer just cleaning my kitchen, now I’m sitting in a cafe on Baker Street. I’m not doing my business in the bathroom, but walking through a beautiful cedar forest. I’m not just sitting in my living room reading, I’m squeezing fresh grapefruit juice. I’m not just working on the computer, I’m in an orchard picking green apples. You get the idea. These candles take you from that boring dreary atmosphere that you’ve come so accustomed to, and brings you anywhere you want to go. Don’t believe me? Try em, see what happens. I dare you.

Taylor Nelson

I have had the luxury of trying out so many of her candles scents and have loved how wonderful home always smells when they are lit, so much so that I’m eagerly awaiting my next round of candles to spread the warmth and ambience I’ve become accustomed too.. soooo if your looking for ambience, sensual aromas and are into the buy locally, Kautea has you covered ❤️❤️

Kari Hubert

Some great smelling candles! I have a rootbeer one that smells amazing! And a chai latte for when I actually get to have a bath (mom life). Highly recommended them!

April Mahon